Hairspray | Rosemary + Litsea 8oz.

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this natural, non-toxic hairspray is great for light to medium hold

After hair has been washed and styled, spritz 2-3 times for a light hold. Continue to re-apply for a firmer hold until desired look is achieved. For best results, spray approx. 12in. away from hair.

  • Light to Medium Hold
  • Made with Pure Organic Bio-Active Botanicals
  • Toxin-Free
  • Works on All hair types
  • Smells Amazing
  • No Plastics, Chemicals, or Alcohols
  • Fast Drying & Non-Sticky
  • Added Vitamins/Extracts protect & nourish hair

INGREDIENTS: Advanced Filtered Water (RO/DI/UV); *Rice Syrup; *Vegetable Glycerin; Vitamins A, C, and E (*Dandelion Extract); *Argan Oil, +Broccoli Oil; Infusion of oils: *Coconut, +Olive and +Hemp including herbs of: *Rosemary, *Lavender, *Alfalfa, *Lemon Peel, *Horsetail, *Oregano, *Sage, *Burdock, *Thyme, *Peppermint, *Goldenseal and *Cinnamon; Xanthan Gum; Potassium Sorbate; Essential Oils of: +Litsea, +Rosemary, +Lemon, +Mandarin.


* = certified organic + = organic

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth A.
Great hairspray!

We West Texas women have a lot of experience with hairspray as the area is know for its wind! That being said, I have been wanting to move away from the plethora of unknown chemicals in the top brands of hairspray. This has been a great fit for our household because it it perfect for everyday use especially fly-aways, and stays all day for me at work. This would be what I would call a flexible hold. It smells AMAZING and the ingredients give me peace of mind for me and my family.


This hairspray is amazing!!! It’s smells great, and truly holds/lasts so well throughout the day! Your hair stays nice and soft… it doesn’t get crunchy. Hands down the best hairspray!!!

Hayley Burton
I Feel Good Using This Hairspray!

My hair feels natural and keeps it's shape with this spray. I use it all the time for performances, outdoor events and everything in between. I have a 'bogo' style bob, so I appreciate this product keeping my locks looking soft and natural while maintaining volume and style.

Sandra Floyd
Hairspray Spray Head is faulty

I am sure your hairspray is awesome. My problem for you is that the Spray Head on top of hairspray bottle is a MISTAKE. It needs a head like the mousse bottle. When I set my hair and combed and styled it recently, I sprayed my hair using the usual 12 or so inches away. My hair was immediately wet, soaked, and “flopped.” The spray came out like a spray cleaner. I have been using Hairspray for a LONG time so this was totally unexpected, and a mess that I couldn’t correct since I was on my way out. When will you correct the spray head on your bottles? I respect your goals and I am going to try the Conditioner that you sent me. Love the mousse and Shampoo. Did you send me Free products? I don’t require free products, but thank you for reading my message.