Conditioner | Orange + Rosemary 8oz.

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this natural, non-toxic volumizing conditioner is great for normal-to-fine and/or oily hair

Apply a generous amount of conditioner to the hair; leave 1-3min. Rinse away excess conditioner, but do not rinse out completely. Retain enough conditioner to feel some "slip" in the hair. Using this method will lock in moisture and leave your hair feeling incredibly soft.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates fine, normal, & oily hair
  • Made with Pure Organic Bio-Active Botanicals
  • Toxin-Free
  • Adds Volume
  • Leaves hair soft, silky & manageable
  • Detangles the hair
  • Does not cause build-up
  • Reduces hair loss & split ends

INGREDIENTS: Advanced Filtered Water; +Hempseed Oil; Oils of: +Grape Seed, +Coconut, +Apricot, +Jojoba & +Evening Primrose; Herbal Oil infusions of: +Yuca Root, +Burdock, +Lavender, +Horsetail, +Sage, +Thyme, +Oregano, +Rosemary, +Peppermint, +Goldenseal and +Cinnamon; Rapeseed Extract; +Vegetable Glycerin; *Vinegar; Potassium Sorbate; Xanthan Gum; Guar Gum; Essential Oils of: +Orange, +Rosemary, +Litsea Cubeba, +Bergamot and +Lemon Balm.


* = certified organic | + = organic

Customer Reviews

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Nicole Dawkins
Love it!

Bought this with the shampoo, all I can say is MAGIC DUO!!! Soft hair without weighing it down. I'm hooked!

Orange + Rosemary Conditioner! I’ve fallen in love with the orange + rosemary set and my hair is LOVING it! I’m about done with my first bottles of the shampoo + conditioner and let me tell ya- I’ve had a huge change in the health of my hair! I highly recommend what the bottle says about rinsing this out but not all the way… it’s sooo moisturizing without weighing my hair down (I have thin, fine hair too!) my hair looks and feels so much healthier since starting Phylloma!!

Hayley Burton
Will Never Buy Another Conditioner Ever Again!

Love love love this super soothing conditioner for my hair. I am in my 40's with hair down past my waist and this conditioner makes it feel and look healthy and shiny. I've been a Phylloma fan since 2019 and I can saw without a doubt that these products are a blessing!

Smells like an Orange Creamsicle

This conditioner smells so delicious. It is like an Orange Julius or an orange creamsicle scent! I had not been able to find a good smelling conditioner that was healthy for my hair until I started using this conditioner.
This line has been a life saver for me. Before I found this line, I had developed severe contact dermatitis to hair and beauty products. Any product with any sort of fragrance, essential oil, or even fragrance free caused a severe skin reaction.
But now, I can use Phylloma products. It was risky trying these with essential oils, but Phylloma uses essential oil extracts which makes all the difference! I now have products that are healthy for me AND my hair.

Gary Lambert
Great conditioner

I love this conditioner. It makes my hair feel fantastic and it smells great too. Like the other products in this line it is plant based and all natural so I don’t have to worry about what kind of harsh chemicals my skin is absorbing. I’ll definitely keep coming back for more!