Conditioner | Lime + Bergamot 8oz

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this natural, non-toxic revitalizing conditioner is great for all types of hair


  • Adds maximum moisture
  • Crafted With Pure Bio-Active Botanicals
  • Toxin-Free
  • Works on all hair types
  • Leaves hair soft & manageable
  • Does not cause build-up


Apply a generous amount of conditioner to hair; leave 1-3min. Rinse away excess conditioner, but do not rinse out completely. Retain enough conditioner to feel some "slip" in the hair. Using this method will lock in moisture and leave your hair feeling incredibly soft.


Advanced Filtered Water (RO/DI/UV); +Eco Certified Saponified Coconut Oil and/or Sustainable Palm Kernel Extract; *Green Hemp Oil; Blend of oils: +Apricot, *Jojoba, +Grapeseed, +Evening Primrose, *Argan, +Broccoli; Herbal Oil Infusion of: *Coconut Oil, +Olive Oil, +Hemp Oil including herbs of: *Lemon Peel, *Horsetail, *Rosemary, *Oregano, *Burdock, *Sage, *Lavender, *Thyme, *Peppermint, *Goldenseal, *Alfalfa and *Cinnamon; Potassium Sorbate; Xanthan Gum; Essential Oils of: +Lime, +Roman Chamomile, +Bergamot, +Rosemary and +Mandarin.

* = certified organic | + = organic

    Customer Reviews

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    Kinley Terry
    Absolutely Wonderful!!

    The lime & bergamot shampoo and conditioner set is amazing. My hair is very thick, very curly, & very healthy already. But the way these products bring out my curls is INSANE. Without being clogged by all those other harsh brands, they can truly breathe! My hair feels so light and my curls are happier than ever after a wash with these products.
    The owner is also extremely kind. He’s admirably passionate about his product which makes purchasing it even better. I 100% recommend this brand.

    Curls curls curls !

    I spoke with David at Market Street and he advertised his products and it was the best thing I bought leaving the store ! It restored my curls, cleansed, and gave moisture back to my hair .

    Hayley Burton
    Smells Divine!

    I am always curious about these "natural" hair products and have tried many.......without any satisfaction, until PHYLLOMA! Yes, I did say that loudly! I am loving my locks more than ever and get complements daily. I use many of the hair products and I don't have any worries about any damage. When you use Phylloma , you are investing in the best hair you will ever experience.

    Holy Guacamole!

    I have 2C hair which is naturally dry. I have tried what seems like every product under the sun. This is the best conditioner I have ever found and used. Seriously curly girls, (and whoever else wants to be kind to yourself) do yourself a favor and get this product! I’m a believer now and use this along with the matching shampoo. I’m so glad I do!


    Made my hair soft- especially while being treated with dandruff. Plan on continuous use. Hope u guys make a body wash!