Spray Conditioner | Coconut + Citrus 8oz.

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this natural, non-toxic spray conditioner is great for all types of hair

Apply 3-4 spritz throughout the hair and work through completely. Add more if needed. Dry or damaged hair may require more conditioner. Follow with Phylloma styling products.

  • Repairs Dry, Brittle & Over-processed hair
  • Made with Pure Organic Bio-Active Botanicals
  • Toxin-Free
  • Works on all hair types
  • Detangles the hair
  • Adds shine & controls frizz
  • Enhances natural curl

INGREDIENTS: Advanced Filtered Water (RO/DI/UV); Blend of Oils: +Grapeseed, *Jojoba, +Apricot, +Evening Primrose, *Argan, +Olive and +Broccoli; Infusion of oils: *Coconut, +Hemp including herbs of: *Rosemary, *Lavender, *Alfalfa, *Lemon Peel, *Horsetail, *Oregano, *Sage, *Burdock, *Thyme, *Peppermint, *Goldenseal and *Cinnamon; *Coconut Extract; Xanthan Gum; Potassium Sorbate; Essential Oils of: +Rosemary, +Litsea, +Bitter Orange, +Mandarin.

* = certified organic + = organic

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth A.
Great product

I purchased this around Nov 2023 and have really enjoyed it. I greatly appreciated the owner taking the time to explain the exact application process and contents. You don't see service like that anymore, and the product does exactly what he said it would do! Plus the smell is AMAZING!

Spray Conditioner

This is WONDERFUL!! I use the shampoo 2X, conditioner, and after I towel dry my hair I use this - about 6 sprays (my hair has been super dry!) and holy moly it’s sooo hydrating without being oily or greasy. Will never be without this stuff… truly a game changer!!!

Hayley Burton
Does Exactly What It Says It's Supposed To Do!

Me and my husband use the Spray Conditioner daily. Not that we need to after using the amazing conditioners, but we love the extra conditioning this gives our locks. My husband has long hair past his shoulders and needs to keep static and flyaways at bay. He does with this!